Dissertation Assistance during COVID-19

Teaching is my passion. I started teaching in the year 2013, was dealing mostly with writing a dissertation. I met with my students five hours every week to ensure that we write and build ourselves together. We were a community that was ready to work hard and achieve every goal we put for ourselves. We kept on motivating each other so that no one loses hope. After teaching for so many years peacefully, things had to change. Due to the pandemic, I could not meet with my students face to face. Schools had to look for other alternatives so that students can learn.

I never saw myself ever teaching remotely. I could do nothing to change the situation, so I had to accept and give it my all. It was new to me, and I did not know how to do it properly. Teaching is in my blood, but I have never tried doing it entirely online. It was hard for me because I knew that my students would not understand the information correctly. It is hard to teach online because it is hard to explain everything in detail. It was more fun when everyone was together writing, and people could comment and do the necessary correction.

When you study remotely from the comfort of your home, there is no way you will get all the information.

There are things or people that will be there to distract you. It was worrying me because I was not sure if it was possible. I had so many questions but was not able to get the answers. Students were signing up, ready for the course, but I was still scared. I was shocked because the number of students that signed up was 30. That is not a small number, so I had to make sure that I do not let them down in any way. They were students from different fields, ready to work with dissertation team, and develop excellent papers. Some students had a clue of what a dissertation requires. Others were still at the foundation. Some pushed themselves and wrote a few chapters.

There is no need to compare because, all in all, they were ready to learn. I was to teach students, parents, and even people who are doing full-time jobs. A few of the students were almost completing undergraduate while the rest were either in the fifth year or doing their masters. They got asked if they prefer remote teaching or could wait for the one on one method, they agreed to online education. I was amazed because many of them were comfortable with online instruction.

I wanted to make sure that I do not disappoint them in any way, so I had to deliver standard information. We had video meetings, and everything was going on quite well. I put all the students in groups where they can consult each other and better their writing skills. They were able to do that by video check-ins. They were able to tell each other their goals and work towards them. They were there to support each other and make sure no one is left behind. Things were different, but they were pushing to work hard amid the pandemic.

They need to stick together at all costs. When I asked them if they were comfortable with their situation, there were different answers. Some were comfortable, but others were not that satisfied, but nothing could change the situation. I enjoyed teaching and sharing with them more than anything.