15 Dissertation Topics to Think About

Choosing a topic to write about can be a complicated task, and if you have to write your dissertation it gets even harder since it’s important and typically longer than other academic papers. Which means you have to spend more time on it, have fresh ideas and not get stuck in the middle. Let’s look at the most popular topics that you can choose.

Of course, it depends on the field you choose, but lower you’ll find many topics to contemplate on and comments to some of those, and maybe they’ll help you find your perfect one.

  1. Funding education – when the business comes in.
  2. Fairness and the tax system. Progressive or flat? That is the question. What are the tax systems in modern 1st world countries and are they fare?
  3. Disability discrimination in the workplace.
  4. Male and female spending patterns. If you like looking at data and comparing, this would be interesting enough for you.
  5. Centralized and decentralized management. Which one is preferable? How is the management done in unified structures?
  6. The use of utilitarian arguments in law. There are many of those things coming into practice with the war on terrorism.
  7. The origins of law: religious insight. Look how Judeo-Christian tradition shaped our law, separately you could look at the law in Islamic countries.
  8. How Greek thinkers shaped the modern law.
  9. Is it the time to return to Keynesianism? Is Keynes the only person who could make economics right and comfortable for us?
  10. A role of therapy for traumatized children.
  11. Examination-related anxiety in final year university students.
  12. What factors outside Europe caused the Great Depression?
  13. Do religious beliefs contradict the equality for women?
  14. A lot of modern feminists and just women, in general, would say that yes, they do. Is the religious dogma applicable for our time?
  15. Is there a fair media trial for Eastern religions after 9/11?
  16. Ethical egoism is the only logical moral code nowadays. Discuss ethical egoism and the way it becomes a major moral code.

Think Twice Before You Choose Your Topic

Remember that you’ll have to do a lot of research on it, and probably spend hours in the library, looking through different documents.

After you finalize your thoughts on the topic – try to start writing as soon as possible and don’t wait until the last minute. Dissertations take a lot of time, not talking about all the official details like formatting, or checking your writing.