How to get a well-written dissertation done in a month?

Your dissertation deadline is a month from now but in reality you have not touched your dissertation. If you accept the situation as a challenge, chances that you can produce a reasonably good paper within this time. Here are some effective hints that can help you.

Don’t panic

  • Be calm and concentrate on what you can do now.
  • Set your deadline few days before the actual and resolve to be strict about it.

Concentrate on the project – don’t drift

  • Plan the work at hand. Identify the major targets to achieve within this time.
  • Take help of a planner or a phone app and schedule the targets.

Choose ‘your’ topic

  • Trust your instincts, interest and awareness to identify the topic and the approach.
  • Think about how contemporary or topical your topic is.
  • Try to think of something which requires minimal field work, research or data collection.
  • Be innovative and original about the topic and avoid complex ideas or one that requires extensive field work.
  • Consult your guide before finalizing.

Plan for your ‘structure’

Creating an outline is the basic step toward writing your dissertation.

  • Jot down some spontaneous ideas from your knowledge of the topic – think why it interested you!
  • Expand these ideas and corroborate with your guide to form the outline and the main chapters in your dissertation.
  • Identify and source your resources
  • Start documenting as you read – record, bookmark or store the information properly so that you can easily access it later.

Start writing the ‘paper’

  • Schedule yourself to write a few pages every day. This will cut short the long writing process and your task.
  • Strictly adhere to the institute specified format from the beginning – it will save time.
  • Write according to the sequence you’ve planned - it will help in the final compilation and editing.
  • Edit your writing regularly. Correct spelling, grammar and typographical errors as you write.
  • Most importantly – write in a simple and clear language.

Take care of yourself

Your falling ill in this period will affect the dissertation.

  • Eat healthy and set a regular routine for sleep and exercise.
  • Find ways to distress yourself.

One month might be less time for writing a good dissertation, but 30 days is not! Remember to apply yourself and follow these hints.